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Asheville’s Chefs to follow in 2022 (Second edition)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jan 21, 2022 | 0 comments

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Hello beautiful people! I hope you enjoyed the couple of snow days, I personally had a blast with my children and I was also able to eat some warm and delicious rame at ITTO Ramen in West Asheville, as they WERE OPEN ON SUNDAY as the snow was coming down! 

Ok my friends, now I’m ready to share with you the second edition of Chefs that I believe we should support and follow this 2022.



Chef Naomi mikami

I love what I been taught to believe is Japanese food,  I do. But, as you can imagine there is Japanese American food, the same way there is Mexican American food, and any other nationality you can imagine. What Chef Naomi is offering Asheville is different, it is HOME STYLE JAPANESE FOOD y’all! 

Now, if you are reading this blog I imagine you are someone that loves food, you don’t mind unique and you are interested in culture. If, I’m right  I STRONGLY SUGGEST you try Waku Waku, a ghost kitchen concept that offers you a peek to JAPANESE CUISINE LIKE NO OTHER IN ASHEVILLE.


I met Chef Naomi right before DIASPORA, a culinary and cultural event by Chow Chow, focused on the impact immigrants have in local cuisine when they bring their culinary traditions with them it was EXTRAORDINARY and one of the BEST CULINARY EVENTS IN 2021.

Chef Naomi mikami
chef Santiago of mikasa mikkei asheville
Right there table burguer
Right there table burguer


chef Santiago of mikasa mikkei asheville

Alright Asheville peeps, this guy I believe is destined to be a heavy weight in our local culinary scene. 


Born in Lima, Peru, Santiago has been recognized for his talent by local food critics for a while, and personally, I LOVE the way he cooks MEAT. A while back Descubre Asheville had the privilege to work together in a PARRILLADA style MEAT FEAST with Santiago and it was THE BEST stake I ever had in or city by far.

Today Santiago is the first to bring a brand new concept to Asheville. Now, it is only new to Asheville, but I suggest you Google the term NIKKEI PERUVIAN FOOD and then you will understand why YOU HAVE TO TRY MIKASA NIKKEI.

SANTIAGO IS ON FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥and he surely is raising the bar in our culinary scene. 

Santiago is doing Mikasa Nikkei as a pop up series, but with his talent I won’t be surprised to see him manifesting a brick and mortar location soon.

Right there table burguer
Right there table burguer
Right there table burguer

Wanna know more about these Chefs? Follow them here👇🏽

Wanna see more of Chef Naomi’s  food? Here is her Instagram 👉 waku2eatery 

And when you are ready to order here is her website👉 https://waku2eatery.com/about/

To see more of Chef Santiago’s food  follow him on Instagram here 👉 https://www.instagram.com/mikasaaavl/

And if you want to see where he is doing his pop ups, visit his page here 👉 https://mikasa-avl.com/

Do you have a favorite meal in Asheville that you think should be a MUST HAVE MEAL IN ASHEVILLE?

Let me know by leaving a comment and I will be happy to check it out!

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