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Asheville’s Chefs to follow in 2022 (Third edition)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jan 30, 2022 | 0 comments

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What up Asheville?! By now, you are seeing that our selection of Chefs to follow this 2022 is full of multiculturalism. That’s right y’all, this is exactly what Descubre Asheville is about. On our first and second edition you have seen Moroccan, Thai, Japanese and Peruvian immigrants who are ROCKING our culinary scene and you are seeing this in English and Spanish.


And today, I want to expand this list by including a mad man, some one that even his homies could not believe he was going to do, what he is doing now.

And this is the reason why he is a CHEF TO FOLLOW THIS 2022 IN ASHEVILLE



For me, it is exciting to see a Mexican immigrant making his mark in Asheville, while he makes the most American of all foods, HAMBURGERS!

That’s right, in my opinion Macario is making some of the BEST burgers in town. However, I’m not alone thinking this.

You see, Macario is one of the very few Chefs in Asheville that took off during the pandemic, his food truck Sabora started right at the beginning of this madness, and today, he is enjoying a strong following. It is kinda funny, because WLOS got a hold of me, and asked me about my food truck?! I guess they have seen some of the bilingual content I made about him… but some how they thought I was him. They asked if I could provide them his info and this I did. Well, Macario is a name you are going to be hearing a lot this 2022, I have no doubt.

More about Macario here👇🏾



Here is where you will find all the awesome multicultural food scene in Asheville

Right there table burguer
Right there table burguer

Passion, talent and the creativity to highlight Latin American cuisine like few people can do in this town, and this is why he is a CHEF TO FOLLOW THIS 2022



‘Chef Hector is a latino born in NYC, and this shows in his food. His cooking is very cosmopolita and reflects a deep appreciation for Latin American cultures. Recently, When I visit with him, I ate a pork belly glazed with tamarind, it came with white beans, duck, and beef. It was DA BOMB!

The flavors and texture of the meats were outstanding. The simplicity of the dish took me to my grandma’s brother ranch in Veracruz, where the food was rich and earthy. BEAUTIFULLY DONE MAESTRO 👏👏👏  You took me to the times when I started riding horses brother thank you. I loved this dish.

I also saw Hector showing his talent for the first time during Chow Chow (Asheville’s biggest culinary event) and his focus at that time was Venezuelan food, AMAZING!

Honestly folks, we are lucky to have Hector Revilla in Asheville. I’m Mexican, and I of course love Mexican food. However, I think is great to have more variety of latin cuisine in Asheville.

I strongly suggest you follow Hector on Instagram and see what he is up to. I know he has big plans for this year and you are going to enjoy his food. FOLLOW HIM!

Follow Hector here👇🏾


Right there table burguer
Right there table burguer

Do you have a favorite meal in Asheville that you think should be a MUST HAVE MEAL IN ASHEVILLE?

Let me know by leaving a comment and I will be happy to check it out!

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Hay una necesidad de esto. Asheville es muy diversa y la comunidad hispana hace parte de este pastel.
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