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Oct 8, 2022 | 0 comments

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Hell yeah, Cuban food finally hits Asheville! If you love to eat out and you have paid attention to this blog, you know I started talking about Guajiro food truck back in June. Yep,they were expecting to be open by August, but hey shit happens and by the time you are reading this THEY ARE FINALLY OPEN!

Guajiro Cuban Comfort Food  is probably the most awaited food truck in Asheville in years. You see, ever since I started posting about them, people wanted to know more, they shared my posts, they sent me messages and they wanted to know everything about the opening date and  menu.

Cuban food in asheville - asheville multicultural blog
Cuban food in asheville - asheville multicultural blog

Well, I don’t blame them, because even though we are recognized as a culinary destination  Asheville was in desperate need of CUBAN CUISINE.

Salseros in asheville - instructors

Where is it? 

Located in the River Arts District,  sandwiched between downtown and hipster West Asheville.

122 Riverside Drive, Asheville, NC

Chloe moore, lydia george and shaniquia simuel

Who are they?

The people behind this concept are 100 % Latinos. A proud Cuban American family that I had the pleasure to meet at their home, during a menu tasting party for friends and family. Chris Barroso is the owner of the truck, the recipes come from his nana doña Rosa Eneida Montenegro and the name Guajiro is in honor of his grandfather, a Cuban Guajiro.

Chef Joel Morales is also a member of their family.

Chloe moore, lydia george and shaniquia simuel
Salseros in asheville - instructors
cuban food in asheville - ashevillemulticultural blog

What’s on the menu? *

Watch the video to get a better idea.

I counted 5 different kinds of Cuban Sandwiches

  • 4 appetizers
  • 2 soups
  • 2 entrees
  • 6 breakfast options and 5 sides.
  • 5 Cuban Coffees 
cuban food in asheville - ashevillemulticultural blog

What do I recommend? 

I had so much food when they had me over at their house, and they treated me like family, that I would love for you to go and try everything they are making in this truck. Then, please share on my social media what you like best.

I know you are going to love this place, but because they just opened,  I want to try it a few more times before I can honestly suggest any of their dishes.

cuban food in asheville - asheville multicultural blog
cuban food in asheville - asheville multicultural blog

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