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Taco Temple supporting local, independent artist Moreno Mexica/ Meztli Desings

Apr 13, 2022 | 0 comments

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What up my peeps?! Today you are going to meet MORENO MEXICA- MEZTLI DESIGNS.

If you like original bad ass looking jewelry, and you know how important it is to SUPPORT LOCAL, then you are going to love GUILLERMO’S work.

I mean, take a look at the funky designs he has going on yo! 

Ok, where can you find this guy ?

Guillermo, aka MORENO MEXICA has been making jewelry for a while in Asheville and you can find him at a few different festivals, local music venues like One World Brewing.

In fact this is where I met him to make a video for our YouTube channel a few weeks ago.

chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant
Moreno mexica designs avl
chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant

On this night, I could see right away people love his original designs. When I went to visit with him, he got  busy fast, and this of course is great to see, considering he is an independent artist with a day job, and also trying to provide for his family by selling his art.

I’m going to include his Etsy info on the video for you to see the work he has available and also his social media.

chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant

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Creole Shrimp and gits
Creole Shrimp and gits
chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant

Thank you all, for making Asheville Multicultural the first local platform showcasing our local artists!

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smoked trouted salad from the black brid restaurant
Thanks Taco Temple for helping us diversify our local arts scene.

Next week on our vlog:

What makes Haywood Rd hot in West Asheville?

Morenos artwork in avl

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