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Mikasa Nikkei Peruvian Japanese by Chef Santiago Vargas

Dec 16, 2021 | 0 comments

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What up y’all! It’s almost Christmas and the festive vibe is in the air, and yet we been having some very unusual warm days that it doesn’t feel like December yet and I love it, but don’t be a fool, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping GET TO IT! And if you want to do it right and in a cool, unique, and very original way, what I’m going to share with you may make the PERFECT GIFT for a foodie, or anyone for that matter.

Tortilleria Molina - Asheville's hot tamales


What is NIKKEI CUISINE ? A mix of Japanese sophistication, with a strong South American Peruvian twist!

What the hell!? Stay with me,I’m not pulling your leg, I never heard of it either, until my friend Chef Santiago Vargas told me about it. I was like seriously man? You smoking something funny, or what? It turns out he was for real yo! And what impressed me the most, is that all along, Santiago’s plan has been to bring this style of cuisine to Asheville.

Tortilleria Molina - Asheville's hot tamales


To have a culinary experience that mixes ingredients from Peru with Japanese cuisine in Asheville is something very fucking cool. We started the night with a delicious Pisco Sour, a drink made with Pisco, a spirit that is Peruvian in origin and made in the same fashion as a whisky sour. It was delicate, sweet and the perfect way to meet some of the folks attending this event.

The menu was a mystery until the very moment you arrived, but if you are going to attend one of this Nikkei dinners you may want to let them know about any diet restrictions you may have.

The menú:

  • Edamame sauteed with garlic, butter and aju mirasol.
  • Passion fruit with tuna.
  • Nikkei soup: Black garlic pork belly, shrimp, dumplings
  • Sushi Origini: Nigri Yellow fin tuna flamed with torch, sesame seed, aji amarillo.
  • Papa rellena, stuffed potato with filet mignon in Peruvian spices.
  • Passion fruit ice cream with aji amarillo.
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If you haven’t met Chef Santiago Vargas yet, you should hurry and attend one of the events this talented Chef is putting together SERIOUSLY YO! A couple of years ago, before Covid happened I had the pleasure to work with Santiago on a meat fest we named the Atahualpa Supper, it was so GREAT, it was named the BEST FANCY DINNER of 2019.

MIKASA NIKKEI is a concept brought to Asheville by Chef Santiago and his partner Ana Austin, they were born in Lima, Peru and are happy to call Asheville home, while sharing the rich culinary traditions of Peru.

You can find more dates for MIKASA NIKKEI here 👉 https://mikasanikkei.com/

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