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My Daddy Taught Me That Asheville

Jul 15, 2022 | 0 comments

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Hello everyone, today I want to invite you to learn a little more about what MDTT is doing in our community.

Asheville for me is home, and there is no denying the city is changing and growing fast, this brings new challenges in many ways, and to see organizations like this one investing in our youth is something that brings me hope.

Chef macario jimenez from sabora food truck
Chef macario jimenez from sabora food truck
Mini empanadas & cachapas by hector y julia revilla

A couple weeks ago this local organization turned 10, and they celebrated by sharing meals at the Lee walker Heights community in our city. 

The sombrero by sabora food truck

What is My Daddy Taught Me That, doing to build community in Asheville? Take a look here! : mydaddytaughtmethat.org/

we chase him around - sabora food truck
we chase him around - sabora food truck

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* If you want to discover more of the international food scene in this city, I encourage you to visit www.ashevillemulticultural.com 

Next week on our vlog: Have you been to La Rumba? Here is a coupon for you to try it, and discover why they are the makers of our new MUST HAVE MEAL in Asheville

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