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By Luis Carlos Serapio

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Patty Saenz, a self made Latina entrepreneur in Asheville

Patty is a lady with a passion for cooking, no doubt. She knows people need to eat everyday, and everyday she does what she loves most, cooking!

It wasn’t always like this. You see, Patty used to work as a maid at a hotel, but she also knew that she wanted to have her own business. Today Patty owns two Pupuserias in Asheville!

Not long ago, Patty was nominated by local food critic Stu Helm Food Fan, as one of his choices for best Chef of the Year 2020.

➡️ You can read about it here.

Pupuseria Patty Asheville is a hugely popular restaurant for the local Central American community, and since they became part of Descubre Asheville….. forget about it, their Anglo clientele has also fallen in love with this place.

chef paty saenz - pupuseria paty
stu helm food fan descubreasheville blog pupuseria patty

What to expect at Pupuseria Patty Asheville?

Patty is originally from Central America, and her cooking is a mix of Salvadoran, Honduran and Mexican Cuisines.

What do I like about this place? I, as well, as many latinos in Asheville love Pupusas!

This pancake looking things are delicious, you have to try them fo sho!

I mean, imagine how much people from El Salvador love pupusas, that they even have restaurants that openly advertise as Pupuseria! (this basically means Pupusa Factory)

Pupuseria Patty became part of Descubre Asheville, Asheville’s first bilingual platform in September of 2020, since then Patty Saenz and her concept of offering simple tasty food has seen a huge increase in her non latino clients.

Find out why and visit Patty at one of her two locations, and please don’t forget to tell her, that you seen her in Descubre Asheville!

Best Pupuseria's patty plates

  • Doña Patty Special
  • Fried Mojarra
  • Beef Soup
  • See Food Soup
  • Indian Chicken Soup
  • Roast Beef Patty
  • Baked Chicken
  • “Ropa vieja” Meat
  • Stuffed Chili


  • 1563 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806, Estados Unidos
  • 408 Old County Home Road Asheville, NC 28806

What People say

Salvadorean food in asheville - pupuseria paty
Pupusas - pupuseria patty asheville

Well, pupusas are the bomb, and Pupuseria Patty kicks ass making pupusas. Nothing hipster about the place, smiley friendly people and the smells of plantains, melting cheese, yuca frita, loroco and tortillas is what you can expect while you are here.

Chef Paty Saenz

Come and see why everybody loves Pupuseria Patty Asheville.

Community in action.

Unfortunately Pupuseria Patty was robbed on February 23, 2021. 

When Patty arrived she found broken glass and missing money for her payroll. WTF!

If you happen to be out in the West Side, stop by and say hi to Patty, I’m sure you will also find something delicious to satisfy your appetite, and you will feel great knowing you are supporting a kick ass lady and a family owned restaurant .

Police patrol when pupuseria patty was stolen

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