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Sabora Food Truck in Asheville makes the most AMERICAN meal MEXICANIZED and the result is BOMBASTIC!

Jul 8, 2022 | 0 comments

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What up y’all!? Today, you are going to love what Chef Macario from Sabora Food Truck is cooking. You see, this guy is from Puebla, México. This makes him a Poblano, yes,  like the chili pepper he grew up eating, and you love as chiles rellenos.

Chef macario jimenez from sabora food truck
Chef macario jimenez from sabora food truck
Mini empanadas & cachapas by hector y julia revilla

Well, how about a POBLANO BURGER? Hell yeah! If you feel adventurous I am also going to suggest you try the Sombrero with a JALAPEÑO POPPER HAT!

The sombrero by sabora food truck

Sabora can be found around Asheville and the best way to keep up with them is by following their Facebook page/ Sabora.

When you eat at Sabora, you are going to make yourself so happy and guess what? You will be supporting a LOCALLY OWNED independent business yo!

we chase him around - sabora food truck
we chase him around - sabora food truck

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Hay una necesidad de esto. Asheville es muy diversa y la comunidad hispana hace parte de este pastel.
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