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Southern Modern Cuisine by Chef Mike Reppert

Apr 7, 2022 | 0 comments

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What up y’all?!

Ready for some great food? Of course you are!

Today, I’m taking you downtown Asheville to have some of the best SOUTHERN CUISINE I have had in a looooooong time.

Located right in the middle of one of the most vibrant downtowns in the South, the BLACKBIRD RESTAURANT in Asheville is surrounded by art galleries, the Fine Arts Theatre, The Asheville Museum, and one of the most important music venues in the south, The Orange Peel. 

Chef Mike Reppert is the Captain of this boat, and he is without a doubt, one of the stars of our local culinary scene.

Graduated from Le Cordon Blue, Chef Mike is one of the local talents putting Asheville on the radar of foodies, and everyone who loves to go out and eat. 

I stopped by on a Monday for lunch, and right away I noticed the camaraderie and good vibes as soon as I walked in. 

chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant
chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant
chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant
chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant

Miriam at the door, and then by the guys working in the kitchen, one of them turned out to make great hot sauces btw. Thank you for the taste jacob!

Chef Mike and I chatted for a minute in his kitchen, while he made me what turned out to be the BEST GRITS I HAVE EATEN.


chef mike reppert from black bird restaurant

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smoked trouted salad from the black brid restaurant

What did I have for lunch?


This is a great option for when you are trying to eat light and feel satisfied because of the food, and because you are going to be supporting quite a few local businesses. 

Greens come from local farms, so is the goat cheese, and the trout. The only thing that  is not local in this salad is the marcona almonds. 

Btw, I also had a locally made drink that I believe you are going to love, Jun by Shanti Elixirs. TRY IT ❤️❤️❤️

smoked trouted salad from the black brid restaurant



Very rich, creamy, full of flavor, mouth waters as I think about it…. The sauce made me think of a vodka sauce, made the grits delicious and I’m sure, that if it wasn’t because of the sausage and shrimp, I could easily eat a couple more servings of the grits with the sauce alone.

These are definitely my FAVORITE GRITS EVERRRR!

Check out the video or my visit to The BlackBrid on our YouTube channel.

Creole Shrimp and gits
cuban sandwich in cousins cuban cafe in black mountain
The black bird restaurant avl - logo

100% recommended

  • Check out the video of my visit to The BlackBrid on our YouTube channel. 

patty saenz from pupuseria patty visiting sabora food truck (1)

Next week on our vlog:

Local artist MORENO MEXICA.

Morenos artwork in avl

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