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Thai Pearl in West Asheville is the place where you will eat like royalty

Nov 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Photography by Adrian Etheridge

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Hello my peeps! First of all, I want to thank you for following what has become the first international culinary blog in our beautiful and multicultural city. That’s right, this is really exciting because it allows us to get to know some of the people behind the foods we love and the cuisines that make Asheville a very cool city with a huge variety of options to enjoy. So, today is the turn to highlight Mrs. Fire!🔥🔥🔥 Yes my friends, this lady is FIRE. Cool, charismatic, daring, creative and someone that likes to push my taste buds to the limit and loves to see me cry. Shit, I’m not kidding folks, I really love spicy foods and I have never been afraid of heat.  And so, when I first met Chef May and she told me of her Thai hot, my chest got big and I said “bring it on Chef, I’m not afraid”. Now, I have to admit, no, I could not handle her version of Thai hot. I got my ass kicked big time.

🇹🇭 Chef May 1-  🇲🇽 Luis 0

With that out of the way, and after recovering from the HOT welcoming to her restaurant I was able to truly discover her gift for awesome food. That is right folks, this lady is pushing the boundaries with her creativity, while sharing her culture with us in what is rapidly becoming the next great food destination in AVL, the WEST SIDE!

Chef May, born Sujitra Chubthaisong is in my opinion a gifted individual. Take a look at her credentials here, Trained and cooked at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, when she was younger (don’t ask me her age, she is still  young) she has also worked alongside a Michelin Star Chef ⭐️ in Australia. Now, if that is not impressive enough for you, let me tell you what makes her a BAD ASS for me: 

  1. Opens Thai Pearl a week before the Covid-19 quarantine is declared, and Thai Pearl survives the worst year ever in the history of the restaurant industry, thanks to hard work, the support of the community and her outstanding cuisine.
  2. Dine like a local award winner 2020 “Top Dinner Restaurant” by The Scout Guide Asheville.
  3. “Winner of  New Restaurant Of The Year 2020” by Food Fan Awards

“Winner of Bring Your Heat Asheville 2020” by Descubre Asheville & Rabbit Rabbit.

Here is where you will find all the awesome multicultural food scene in Asheville

What did I have at Thai Pearl?

Ok, let’s talk about food now.

Crispy Calamari Rings

I love calamari folks, Americans love calamari, it is probably the most popular appetizer in the States. Chef May’s calamari is soft with a little bit of crunch,  full of flavor, made with garlic and lemon pepper along with the sweet chili sauce made them light and perfect. Eat them hot!

Photography by Adrian Etheridge

Green Curry at thai pearl restaurant in west asheville

Photography by Adrian Etheridge

Green Curry.

If you never had Thai food before, this is probably one of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine, and Chef May’s Green Curry is delicious, milky, rich, meaty if you choose it to be, and the vegetables are a great balance, hell I never liked vegetables as much as I like them in Thai curry. 

Chef, thanks to you I can now say, I have eaten like a king.

Yes, I would have this Green Curry over and over. 

I mean LOOK AT IT! 🤟🏽

Drunken Noodles.

Hell yeah drunken noodles, this is the dish you want to order if you are really hungry or you are having the munchies, but be careful really, because the noodles are delicious, so do not over eat. I mean take your time  because there is a lot of flavors here. The noodles themselves are showered in a Thai basil sauce, vegetables are great complement to these noodles. The meat….I could honestly do without the meat, and I’m a meat eater! I mean the star of this dish are the noodles no doubt. 👏👏👏👏

drunken noodles at thai pearl restaurant west asheville

Photography by Adrian Etheridge

Yen Ta Fo Pink Noodle Soup from thai pearl restaurant in west asheville

Photography by Adrian Etheridge

Yen Ta Fo Soup (aka Pink Noodle Soup)

Ok, y’all, we are lucky to have great soups in Asheville. Hell, soups and stews in this town can be so fucking good seriously, there is a few places I love soup from, in fact I’m working on an upcoming blog about SOUPS AND STEWS and this PINK NOODLE SOUP is making it to my list of MUST HAVE IN ASHEVILLE.

What makes it so good? For me, I right away noticed the peanuts on top of all the vegetables, but once I was sipping my first spoon it was like a magical moment… The cilantro, the cabbage, and the mixed of asian greens with the meaty peanuts are going to be a perfect way to warm up this winter. 

What a delicious soup, bravo Chef May, you are going to see me eating this soup at your place a few times this winter ❤️❤️❤️❤️

And there you have it folks, Thai Pearl is locally owned, woman owned and immigrant made. 

Located at 747 haywood Rd. West Asheville.

To look at the menu and their hours click here 👉🏼: www.thaipearlasheville.com

Instagram: @thaipearl_restaurant

Facebook: ThaiPearlRestaurant

Photography by Adrian Etheridge

Thai pearl - descubre asheville

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